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Jadeh Makhsoos Karaj.
Tehran , Iran.



  Our products are widely used by many industries such as Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Refineries, Pipelines, Mineral and Mining, Pulp and Paper, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Power plants, Water and Waste Water, and Food and Beverage industries.
     Being a well-organized and experienced manufacturer, ISO 9001 : 2001 certified, we utilize the latest technology and strict quality control system in the manufacturing procedure. Therefore our products are sold with good reputation in the local market. In fact, when you buy your Oilfield Packer Elements, Seals, and O-Rings from Nahadin Arman , you will be buying one of the best technologies available in the local market.


  • Pressure:            Up to 450 bar g
    Speed:                 Up to 200 m/s
    Temperature:     -140 ᵒC to 315 ᵒC


  • Application:      This type 1648  is a single cartridge seal designed to provide low emissions/leakage for most refinery application.

    Pressure:            Up to 69 bar g


  • Application:      This type is a dual unpressurized cartridge seal designed to provide additional safety for hazardous applications and those where the sealing environment needs to be controlled...

  • Pressure:            Up to 69 bar g

    Speed:                 Up to 25 m/s

    Temperature:     -40 ᵒC to 260 ᵒC

  • Pressure:          50 bar g
    Speed:               15000 RPM
    Temperature:   300  ᵒ


  • Application:   This type is used in chemical industry

    Pressure :        Up to 20 bar g

    Speed :             Up to 23 m/s

    Temperature:  Up to 200  ͦC

  • This type is used for high speed applications in turbine, compressors, centrifuge

  • All sort of corrosive fluid, reducing agent, strong acids, alkaline liquids, salts, corrosive concentrated acids

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