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Jadeh Makhsoos Karaj.
Tehran , Iran.


About Us

Nahadin Arman is a privately held company established in 1998.We would like to introduce ourselves as the first and biggest manufacturer of mechanical seals in Iran and the Middle East. We are a fully integrated seal manufacturer that conceptualizes, design, manufactures, markets, sells, services and repairs our complete line of mechanical seals and related devices in the region. The combination of innovation, high safety standards, quality assurance and manufacturing skills has resulted in the continuous expansion and the phenomenal growth of the company.

Nahadin Arman has a manufacturing area of 6000 sq. meters. The site is located close to Tehran International Airport and truck roads for dispatch of goods to all parts of the world. Our goal is to exceed your expectations. All personal are experienced and well trained in seal technology and have specialized knowledge of metallurgy, manufacturing methods and quality procedures. The manufacturing plant includes some of the most modern Computerized Numerically Controlled Machines currently used in industry.

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