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Jadeh Makhsoos Karaj.
Tehran , Iran.


21 st INTERNATIONAL OIL & GAS and Petrochemical Exhibition

Iranian petrochemical annual exhibition has official support of Iran Ministry of Petroleum. At the opening ceremony of The 14TH Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Exhibition IRAN OIL SHOW 2009 First Vice-President Parviz Daudi, Iran oil Minister Golyamhossein Nouzari, Iran Oil top management representatives, and biggest Iranian and foreign oil companies’ executives – exhibitors, were present. Iran now is an important trade partner of Russia in the Middle East. Russian export considerably exceeds import from Iran. For the last two years the average turnover between the two countries amounts to 800 million US dollars, with 95% of Russian export.
Iran Oil Show 2010 “The 14TH Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Exhibition”. Russia is involved into various projects in Iran, including the oil and gas sphere, scientific and technical cooperation. So the turnover may go up with proper application of the two countries’ potential. With the favourable political and economic situation in Iran, and with Iran’s ambition to become N1 country in the Middle East Region in exploration, production and processing of natural resources (now in Iran’s possession there are 130 billion oil barrels, which makes 13% of world resources) one can be sure that Iran market today gives a good opportunity to make and develop joint projects with Russian enterprises.

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